What do the Keto, HPLC, Dukan, Atkins, Paleo, and Starch diets all have in common?

What do the Keto, HPLC, Dukan, Atkins, Paleo, and Starch diets all have in common?

They all work!


Here is the science:

Fat Diets – When carbohydrates are lacking in the diet the liver will convert fatty acids, from dietary sources and from fat stores in the body to ketones which muscles and the brain can use as an energy source. Ergo, weight loss.

High Protein Diets – Consuming protein increases the body’s resting metabolic rate as it is a very energy intensive process breaking down the protein into individual amino acids and then rebuilding them into proteins within the body. Protein also makes you feel fuller for longer, making you eat less. Ergo, weight loss.

Starch Diets –  Starches and vegetables are low in fat, which has 37 kj per 1 gram compared to carbs at 16 kj per 1g which means less kilojoules consumed. They are also very high in fibre. Fibre makes you full and not all the kilojoules are able to be digested so even less kilojoules. Ergo, weight loss.

But at the same time they don’t work.

The reason? It’s not that the science doesn’t work behind these diets but more the adherence to these diets.

  • Adherence to diet, not type of diet is more important for weight loss

In 2011-12, over 2.3 million Australians, including people as young as 15, reported being on a diet for weight loss.

Yet 63.4% of Australian adults are overweight and obese with this number increasing more with every passing year (56.3% in 1995).

And yet, our health is something we are all very passionate about. In Australia alone the health and fitness industry is worth well over $1.3 billion!

So why is it that we are not sticking to all these amazing scientifically proven diets and reaching our health goals when we want it so desperately?

I could start explaining about willpower, lifestyle change, support groups, tips about waking up and eating breakfast etc., etc. But I won’t.

Instead I am going to ask – “If you won’t adhere to a diet for yourself, what WILL you make a diet and lifestyle change for?”

Rather than making diet and lifestyle changes centred around weight loss, maybe focus instead about making lifestyle changes on:

  • The survival of the Amazonian rain forest.
  • The health of our oceans and marine wildlife.
  • Prevent the polar caps from melting.
  • The desertification of once beautiful and lush landscapes.
  • Massacre of Orang Utans for Palm Oil crops.
  • The needless suffering of farm animals.

Could you adhere to a diet, a plant-based vegan diet, that not only benefits you but others and the planet?

Now that is a lifestyle that we can all stick to!


P.S. How is everyone going with their Plastic Free July Challenge? Let me know! I went to the farmers markets last weekend and was going to get a coffee to go before I remembered! Ended up canceling my order and giving the coffee maker a massive spill about plastics and the environment haha 🙂



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