Who is the Educated Vegan?

Everyone! The Educated Vegan is your trusted Nutritional Scientist who has done all the hard work to bring the latest, up to date research on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. 

Have a question about omega-3 and what it does? Ask the Educated Vegan! What about Vitamin B12 or Honey? Just find the subject and begin learning all the facts presented in a no-BS understandable article. Any other questions? Just send the Educated Vegan a line and your question will be answered!

The Educated Vegan aims to make everyone an educated vegan. So let the vege-ucation begin!

Okay, that’s enough talking about myself in third person…

I first became a vegan at the age of 17. Being young and naive though, it wasn’t long until I fell for the classical lies that prevent many from changing to the healthiest, environmentally friendly, and ethical lifestyle. Veganism.

I was soon swamped and buried with pessimism on why my eating habits were going to present a problem.

“Where do you get your protein from?”

“Don’t you only get omega-3 from fish?”

“You can’t even drink milk, aren’t you going to get osteoporosis?”

The onslaught was endless. It wasn’t long until my beliefs and certainty were eroded and I went back to the classical and accepted western diet.

Enter the Dark Ages of my life. I was fat, depressed, unmotivated, hangry; I had become the epitome of what a Western-Style diet can do to a person.

This all changed when I was climbing a mountain in my local area. I was only 1/4 of the way up. I was on my 7th break. My legs were wobbly and my lungs burned like a furnace. I could still see my car at the bottom. An old couple had passed me 10 minutes ago. Did I mention I was only 20?

It was there that I realised I had the power to change this. From that moment on I was going to be armed with the knowledge I needed to live a healthy, nutritionally balanced, compassionate lifestyle. It was time to regain control of my life.

I want to say that I stood up and climbed the rest of the mountain… But then I would be a liar. What I did do though was get back to my car, drive home, and enrol into a Nutritional Science degree.

Fast forward 4 years later and I am now a qualified Vegan Nutritionist, at your service. Never again will I listen to shoddy science from well meaning people. Never again will I believe something just because the masses say so.

And neither should you.

Browse through this blog and find the answers to your burning questions. Arm yourself with the facts. Equip yourself with everything you need to live a nutritionally balanced, healthy, compassionate life.  Educate yourself and your friends and don’t be afraid like I once was to live the life that you have chosen.