Vitamin B12 – Which method is better, Sublingual, tablet or Intramuscular?

Currently there is a lot of discussion regarding what Vitamin B12 is superior in improving optimum Vitamin B12 levels, whether that is tablet/oral form, spray/sublingual, or Intramuscular Injections. I wish I could give you a definite answer, but I feel like the options I have are: Intramuscular Oral Sublingual Depends on your particular circumstances. Firstly, […]

2 billion people suffer from an Iodine Deficiency. Do you?

Iodine deficiency is the greatest cause of brain damage in children worldwide, affecting 2 billion people. The saddest component of this statistic is that it’s easily preventable. The primary determinant responsible for iodine deficiency is a low dietary supply of iodine, which relates particularly to geographical location. Iodine is sourced from the sea. Back when […]